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Camping Medulin

Camping Runke MedulinThe Camping area around Medulin include campsites in Premantura, Pomer and Banjole, in this area the highest campsite density in Croatia can be found, our list of campsites in Medulin currently contains a total of 19 campsites, where as 7 of the campsite are large and medium camps and 12 are mini camps. The camping area of Medulin offers some of the most beautiful nature on the Istrian peninsula.

Larger Campsites in Medulin area:

Camping Kazela Medulin1650 lots, capacity of 3.500 campers, rental of Mobile homes, situated 2 km from Medulin and 10 km from Pula.
Camping Medulin in Medulin1.045 pitches, capacity of 3.300 campers, rental of Mobile homes, campsite situated in the centre of Medulin by the sandy beach Bijeca.
Camping Pomer in Pomer
Camping Indije Medulin-Banjole353 lots including superior lots, rental of Mobile homes, camping Indije is situated by small town Banjole
Camping Runke Premantura241 Pitches, capacity of close to 750 campers.
Camping Stupice Premantura1.000 lots, capacity of 3.000 campers, situated in Premantura close to Cape Kamenjak, rental of mobile homes.
Camping Tasalera Premantura – Medium campsite with family atmosphere, situated in Premantura, campsite offer mobile home rental.

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Small Campsites in the Medulin area:

Camping Diana Medulin-Banjole
Camping Fuma Medulin-Banjole
Camping Kazalina Medulin-Banjole
Camping Marina Medulin-Banjole
Camping Olivia Medulin-Banjole
Camping Peskera Medulin-Banjole
Camping Pineta Medulin-Banjole
Camping Pod Morvom Medulin-Banjole
Camping Rak Medulin-Banjole
Camping Sidro Medulin-Banjole
Camping Sirola Medulin-Banjole
Camping Kranjski kamp Premantura

Photos of campsites in the Medulin area:

Camp Medulin Camp Indije Banjole Mobile Home Camp Stupice Istria